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Email Encryption End-to-End

Email Encryption End-to-End screenshot
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Version: 14.06   Email Encryption End-to-End download DOWNLOAD
Downloads: 40
Release Date: Jun 22, 2017  BUY NOW
File size: 1.50 MB
Status: Shareware
Price: $44.45
Publisher: Hermetic Systems (More Programs)
E-mail: See inside the downloaded software

Description of Email Encryption End-to-End program from developer(s):

'Email Encryption End-to-End' is designed to make it easy to send and receive encrypted email securely. It can be used to encrypt a message to be sent via any email program (including Outlook Express) and any webmail that supports attachments (files attached to a message). The encrypted message consists of a text message (up to 60 KB in size) plus, optionally, an appended file of any type (up to 1.93 MB in size). The message (including any appended file) is encrypted, and is attached to an ordinary email message, before it leaves your PC to go to the mail server, and it remains encrypted during transmission to the recipient's ISP and while being downloaded to the recipient's PC. Thus the message is encrypted "end-to-end", and, if intercepted anywhere between your PC and the recipient's PC, cannot be read. The program uses a symmetric key method; thus the key used for decryption is the same as the key used for encryption. It is bilingual English/German and works with text in languages other than English.

Email Encryption End-to-End is a Shareware program. You can download and try it for an evaluation period.

Platform:  Win XP,Win 98,Win 2000,WinVista x32,WinVista x64,Win7 x32,Win7 x64,Win8 x32,Win8 x64,Win10 x32,Win10 x64

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